“We need to put a stop to cyber-bullying.” said Stephen Harper “there is much more that Canada could be doing about bullying.” Rehteah Parson reminded us of that, but there are those in power who forget very quickly. A sneering attack ad released by the Conservative government serves as a glaring reminder. This ad mocks Justin Trudeau in a way I can only describe as nasty. They condescendingly show clips of him taking his shirt off (which, by the way, was for liver cancer) and mock his mustache (which was for Movember). They degrade him with one hand, and campaign against cyber-bullying with the other. To be completely frank, it sickens me. We live in an age of hypocrisy, where our leader condemns an act, only to indulge in it the next day. Ladies and gents, I am so done with this grade school, macho nonsense.

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Filming: Day 1

So my friend and I went out filming, and were pleasantly surprised at how willing people were to be interviewed. We stopped mainly at some local businesses, like the Fromagerie, Records on Wheels, The Twisted Doll and Eat Local Sudbury. We had a go at the police station and city hall, but they were both pretty unresponsive. We’ll try again tomorrow ;). I’m really starting to love the downtown. It’s charms are lost on a lot of people, but they just need to step into a few of the shops to see how friendly the people are. Next on the agenda is city hall, and the homeless shelter, to see if any of them would like to offer their opinions on how they’d like to see the downtown change. The holy grail is the mayor. In one of her previous speeches, she said that anyone who had any questions could just walk right in to her office and ask. Will do, Marianne, will do.

Blaming the Victim

Rehtaeh Parson was fifteen years old when she was raped. Four boys forced themselves upon her. They took pictures, and they gloated but even with all the evidence that they provided, no charges were pressed. Rehtaeh was traumatized, as anyone would be, but instead of receiving the support, justice and care that she deserved and needed, she was ostracized. Murmurs of “slut” and “whore” followed her in the hallways, while the boys slipped into anonymity. She was relentlessly and brutally blamed for her rape, and while our society blames the victim, we become less emotionally involved. We sweep rape under the rug, and we try not to see the raw wound it inflicts on our psyche. We blame the victims. We blame them for not fighting back hard enough; for not being stronger than the perpetrators, holding them down and stripping them naked. We teach our children “not to get raped” instead of “not to rape”. It breaks my heart that we’ve become so apathetic to such a loathsome crime, and that we let beautiful girls, with such wonderful potential, slips through the cracks of our flawed culture.


Integrated Prom

I’ve just recently heard of the first racially integrated prom at Wilcox county high school in Georgia. The idea that police officers would escort black students trying to enter the “white prom” off the premises is simply mind-boggling. I think that in this day and age, we tend to sweep segregation under the rug. We see it as a thing of the past when it is very much embedded in the american psyche. Even in commercials; how many interracial couples do you see?  It just turns my stomach, really, that we’ve come so far and yet there are still those who lag behind.



Hullo Blogosphere

Gather round children,

My name is Yumi and I live in a town in the North. It’s the kind of town where summer arrives in a week and winter arrives the week after that. I believe in truth, equality and a nice bottle of tabasco sauce. Currently, I’m working on a documentary with my best friend about how we could improve our hometown. We plan on donning our toques and mitts, and getting right down with the homeless and the politicians to ask where they see our humble city in a few years. With a little elbow grease and a lot of wasted film, we hope to salvage something worth presenting to the outside world (aka you, dear reader). So yeah, all awkwardness of initial encounters aside, I hope you check back once and a while.