Filming: Day 1

So my friend and I went out filming, and were pleasantly surprised at how willing people were to be interviewed. We stopped mainly at some local businesses, like the Fromagerie, Records on Wheels, The Twisted Doll and Eat Local Sudbury. We had a go at the police station and city hall, but they were both pretty unresponsive. We’ll try again tomorrow ;). I’m really starting to love the downtown. It’s charms are lost on a lot of people, but they just need to step into a few of the shops to see how friendly the people are. Next on the agenda is city hall, and the homeless shelter, to see if any of them would like to offer their opinions on how they’d like to see the downtown change. The holy grail is the mayor. In one of her previous speeches, she said that anyone who had any questions could just walk right in to her office and ask. Will do, Marianne, will do.


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