“We need to put a stop to cyber-bullying.” said Stephen Harper “there is much more that Canada could be doing about bullying.” Rehteah Parson reminded us of that, but there are those in power who forget very quickly. A sneering attack ad released by the Conservative government serves as a glaring reminder. This ad mocks Justin Trudeau in a way I can only describe as nasty. They condescendingly show clips of him taking his shirt off (which, by the way, was for liver cancer) and mock his mustache (which was for Movember). They degrade him with one hand, and campaign against cyber-bullying with the other. To be completely frank, it sickens me. We live in an age of hypocrisy, where our leader condemns an act, only to indulge in it the next day. Ladies and gents, I am so done with this grade school, macho nonsense.

Over and out



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