Why the friendzone is annoying

We always hear the term. “Oh my god, I like, talked to this girl for like, 2 weeks, and she was totally into me, and then when I asked her out, she friendzoned me.” This sense of entitlement really miffs me. It’s so widely accepted, yet the concept is basically that girls are machines; you put “kindness” tokens in and a fully fledged relationship falls out. These boys will often pull out the pity card. “I’m the nice guy, man. She only dates jerks.” Ok, no. Nice guys accept rejection (because it happens to freaking everybody) take a step back, and leave it alone. What they don’t do is whine about it until the girl is seen as a villain by everybody else. That’s not nice; that’s petty. You can’t force a girl to love you, or anybody for that matter. Maybe she just enjoys your company and doesn’t necessarily want to make out with your face. Be cool with that; that’s life. So if any of y’all get rejected by a prospective loovaah, remember to take a step back, and realize that this situation is probably really uncomfortable for her as well. Calling her a bitch won’t help you at all. 




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